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Enterprise Analytics Online is a free online event hosted by DATAVERSITY. This in-depth educational program is designed to teach anyone working with data to execute and implement a successful Data Analytics program. Presentations for the 2018 event will focus on several aspects of Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, and Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake technology. Your registration to this online event is free, and will give you access to both the live sessions and recorded presentations.




Quality Analytics: Trusting the Data

Presented by David Loshin
Enterprise businesses are constantly expanding how much data is being stored and in what capacity. In addition, a lot of money is being invested in new technologies to turn that data into viable analytics to help give that business the advantage over their competitors, to manage sales, and to manage support. But all too often it is discovered there were some steps missed in-between to drive quality into the analytics. Join us in the first session of the online conference to hear key components necessary to drive Data Quality.


AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Presented by Pragyansmita Nayak
Deep Learning is Machine Learning is Artificial Intelligence, but what’s the difference? When does one become the other? And when and how should you implement each one? Join us to learn the practical applications of each of these technologies enabling better Analytics.


Streaming Analytics: The What, Why, and How

Presented by Kimberly Nevala
The right action, right now. In today’s increasingly competitive, digital, and always-on world some decisions just can’t wait.

This session will explore key drivers (such as the IOT) for streaming analytics, the usage scenarios to which streaming analytics can and should be applied and the capabilities required to make it all go. You will learn how event stream processing differs from traditional approaches to real-time decision making. Along with how streaming analytics enables decision-making when responses must be made with extremely low latency or storage of massive amounts of fast-moving data is not possible or optimal.



We will return at 11:30 AM Pacific for the Keynote, Trends in Enterprise Analytics.


Keynote: Trends in Enterprise Analytics

Presented by Evan Terry
According to Gartner, the Business Intelligence market is expected to grow to $22.8 billion by 2020. So, what do these game-changing Business Intelligence and Analytics trends offer to the businesses? What should enterprise businesses have in place already, and what should they be preparing for the future?


Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake Technology

Presented by Anthony Algmin
Data warehouses (DWs) used to be the center of the universe, taking relatively raw data inputs, transforming them, and putting the results into a tidy place for downstream people and systems to consume at will. Everybody wanted one!

Over time, businesses continued to evolve, and more data of all sorts was being created at the same time data consumption demands were exponentially escalating. DWs were poorly suited to keeping up with the rapid pace of change, as DWs are big, powerful machines with many interdependencies.

Enter Data Lakes. Created as lightweight data clearinghouses that downstream people and systems could use to do nimble, ad hoc data analytics, Data Lakes were able to handle the unprecedented throughput required by the fast-growing data and related demands. Their downside is, with little structure, things quickly become messy.

Today the Big Data evolution continues, and new technologies strive to give us the best of both DWs and Data Lakes. Learn the latest in this session!

Key takeaways include:

  • Data Lakes Are Not Just Hadoop Anymore
  • Why Cloud Has Changed Everything
  • Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled Data Architecture Patterns
  • An Introduction to Ephemeral Data Warehousing
  • Predictions for the Future
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