Keynote: How to Create, Build, and Manage a High-Performance Analytics Team

Speaker: John K Thompson

Global Head, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, CSL Behring

Over the past decade, the speed at which data and analytics has been reshaping our lives is accelerating. Now, it is even more important for enterprises to build and implement analytics in an intelligent manner. One of the key ingredients to the success of data and analytics efforts is the team driving and informing the analytics process and resulting in transformational change. A salient question that has been asked is, “How does an enterprise build an effective analytics team?”

In this session, we will walk through the process of succeeding in the analytics journey. We will examine the best approach to building a corporate analytics function and a high-performing analytics team. We will describe and discuss the Artisanal and Modular approaches to hiring and building a team. We will also examine how to evolve from the Artisanal and/or Modular model to a Hybrid model. We will examine how to manage a high-performing analytics team to deliver analytical models and applications that are implemented and used in daily operations to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Be ready to ask questions; this will be an interactive and open discussion.

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