Machine Learning – Getting Executive Buy-In

Speaker: Asha Saxena

CEO Women Leaders in Data and AI (WLDA)

For many business leaders, AI is still a buzzword. There may be many business opportunities that may benefit from AI applications like machine learning but we can’t ignore the fact there is a hype for technologies like AI, machine learning (ML), Deep Learning, RPA, and the internet of things (IoT). Cutting through this hype and focusing on how these technologies complement your existing systems and business plan is critical in securing internal approvals. Getting executive buy-in on anything new and unknown can be challenging, but the potential repercussions of not adopting technologies like AI can be worse. As data leaders, you need to understand the potential impact as well as how to get executive buy-in as it is pivotal to the future of work.

Join our speaker Asha Saxena, CEO at Women Leaders in Data and AI [WLDA.TECH] and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, to discuss the best practices, frameworks, and how to build a strong business case for the executive buy-in for tangible ML applications.

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