The Latest Trends in the World of Analytics

Speaker: Prashanth Southekal, Ph.D., MBA
Managing Principal, DBP Institute

Organizations, profit and non-profit, all over the world are looking at leveraging data and analytics (D&A) for improved business performance. A report from MIT says that digitally mature firms are 26% more profitable than their peers. McKinsey Global Institute indicates that data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times more profitable. Against this backdrop, what are the key data and analytics trends that companies can adopt today and be better prepared for the future? In this presentation, Mr. Southekal will talk about three key data and analytics trends for improved business results. Specifically, he will give an overview of each trend, discuss the rationale as to why each trend matters in today’s business environment, and offer prescriptive recommendations on the required capabilities so that organizations can prepare themselves to harness each of the data and analytics trends.

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