The Promise of Data Fabric – Order from Chaos in Data Management

Speaker: Dave Wells

Consultant,Educator, Analyst

Data Management has become a messy business that is constantly challenged by ever-expanding data sprawl. A typical organization has data deployed in on-premises data centers and multiple cloud environments. They have data in flat files, tagged files, relational databases, and NoSQL databases, with processing that ranges from batch ETL to stream processing. The variety of tools, technologies, platforms, and data types makes it difficult to manage processing, access, security, integration, and reliable delivery of data to business-critical analytic applications.

Data fabric brings the power of AI/ML and smart metadata to the processes and practices of Data Management, providing a consolidated Data Management platform for all of your data regardless of architectures and platforms. The fabric is a single platform to manage disparate data and divergent technologies deployed across multiple data centers, both cloud and on-premises.

You will learn:

  • What is data fabric and why it is important
  • Why organizations need data fabric
  • How data fabric extends and complements existing Data Management practices
  • Functions and features of data fabric technologies

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