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Enterprise Analytics Online will cover key strategies and share how Analytics-driven professionals have overcome their data challenges. Tap into the combined expertise of several industry-leading professionals and hundreds of data peers during this day of live, webinar-style sessions. Registration is free and gives you access to all sessions presented throughout the day, the live Q&A with the speakers, and all recorded presentations and materials.

The Agenda



How Can Data and Analytics Deliver Business Results?

Presented by Prashanth Southekal, Managing Principal, DBP-Institute
Today many businesses are challenged in transforming their data into insights. Gartner reported that over 80% of analytics solutions did not deliver business results, and McKinsey & Company said just 20% of analytics initiatives had achieved scale. To avoid analytics failures, organizations are looking for best analytics practices that offer prescriptive, superior, and reusable guidance so that analytics solutions can be deployed successfully. This 1-hour talk, which is based on Dr. Southekal’s latest book ANALYTICS BEST PRACTICES, will provide key enterprise data analytics best practices to successfully deliver analytics initiatives to deliver business results.


Deep Learning Fundamentals — Let’s Break It Down “Conceptually”!

Presented by Pragyansmita Nayak, Chief Data Scientist, Hitachi Vantara Federal
Deep Learning dates back to the 1940s — is that so? You may have heard the term but are not sure what to think about it and where to start learning! For more such interesting trivia and an appreciation of the underlying concepts and associated terminologies, attend this session.

It is challenging for Artificial Intelligence (AI, machine-based automatic learning and processing) to solve the tasks that are easy for human beings to handle. The prime reason being the difficulty associated with describing the problem formally — e.g., understanding spoken words or recognizing objects and faces in images/videos. Concept Learning and Representation Learning together enable Deep Learning to overcome these challenges and more.

  • Deep: Understand the world in terms of a hierarchy of concepts, with each concept defined through its relation to simpler concepts
  • (Machine) Learning: Avoid the need for human operators to formally specify all the knowledge that the computer needs
  • 10:00

    Analytics Governance

    Presented by Malcolm Chisholm, President, Data Millenium
    As Analytics practices mature within enterprises, the focus has begun to shift from a mix of technologies and mathematical skillsets to how Analytics integrates with the rest of the organization to provide business value, and how Analytics can sustain itself over time. This maturity has highlighted the need for Analytics Governance. What exactly is the methodology for developing models? How is demand generated and managed? How are models deployed into existing business processes, maybe requiring these processes to be re-engineered themselves? How are models maintained over time, especially if they begin to drift? All these questions, and more, need answers, and it is the task of newly emerging Analytics Governance to provide these answers. In this presentation, we will discuss these issues in detail and the current best practices for addressing them. All this will be within a general framework of Analytics Governance and the organizational structures needed to sustain Analytics Governance.

    Attendees will learn:

  • What Analytics Governance is
  • The business justification for Analytics Governance
  • How Analytics Governance works within a Data Science unit, and how it relates to the rest of the enterprise
  • Several of the major concerns of Analytics Governance and patterns for providing solutions
  • 11:00

    30-Minute Break

    We will return to our next live session at 11:30 AM Pacific.


    Keynote: AI and Machine Learning in Action

    Presented by Brian Martin, Head of AI in R&D Information Research, Research Fellow, AbbVie
    In this keynote presentation, Brian Martin, Head of AI at AbbVie, will present current use cases for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and how they are making a difference in businesses today. Hear about real-world applications in use as well as how Brian sees these use cases progressing into the future as the use and the technologies themselves continue to evolve.


    Modern Analytic Data Architecture Maturity Modeling

    Presented by William McKnight, President, McKnight Consulting Group
    Maturity frameworks have varying levels of Data Management maturity. Each level corresponds to not only increased data maturity, but also increased organizational maturity and bottom-line ROI. There are recommended targets to achieve an effective information management program. The speaker’s maturity framework sequences the information management activities for your consideration. It is based on real client roadmaps. This webinar promises to offer a wealth of ideas for key quick wins to benefit the organization’s information management program.

    Attendees can self-assess their current information management capabilities as we go through Data Strategy, organization, architecture, and technology, yielding an overall view of the current level of information management maturity.

    This session provides a foundation for enhancing current data and analytic capabilities and updating the strategy and plans for achievement of improved information management maturity, aligned with major initiatives.

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