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Enterprise Analytics Online will cover key strategies and share how analytics-driven professionals have overcome their data challenges. Tap into the combined expertise of several industry-leading professionals and hundreds of data peers during this day of live, webinar-style sessions. Registration is free and gives you access to all sessions presented throughout the day, the live Q&A with the speakers, and all recorded presentations and materials. Thank you for joining us on October 20, 2021. If you missed us, register to receive free access to the 2021 recorded sessions!

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EAO 2022 - October 19th, 2022


Three Key Trends in Data and Analytics

Speaker: Prashanth H Southekal, PhD, MBA
Founder and Managing Principal, DBP Institute

The world’s economy will dramatically transform in the coming years. Organizations will use digital technologies and data more than ever before for better decision-making and improved business performance. Against this backdrop, what are the key data and analytics trends that companies can adopt today and be better prepared for the future? In this presentation, Mr. Southekal will talk about three key data and analytics trends for improved business results. Specifically, he will give an overview of each trend, discuss the rationale as to why each trend matters in today’s business environment, and offer prescriptive recommendations on the required capabilities so that organizations can prepare themselves to harness each data and analytics trend.


Data Architecture for Modern Analytics

Speaker: William McKnight
President, McKnight Consulting Group

Many organizations are immature when it comes to data use. The answer lies in delivering a greater level of insight from data, straight to the point of need. Enter: machine learning. In this session, William will look at categories of organizational response to the challenge across strategy, architecture, modeling, processes, and ethics. Machine learning maturity levels tend to move in harmony across these categories. As a general principle of maturity models, you can’t skip levels in any category, nor can you advance in one category well beyond the others. Vis-à-vis ML, attaining and retaining momentum in the model is paramount for success. You will ascend the model through concerted efforts delivering business wins utilizing progressive elements of the model, and thereby increasing your machine learning maturity. The model will evolve. No plateaus are comfortable for long. With ML maturity markers, sequencing, and tactics, this session will provide a plan for how to build analytic Data Architecture maturity in your organization.


Machine Learning – Getting Executive Buy-In

Speaker: Asha Saxena
CEO Women Leaders in Data and AI (WLDA)

For many business leaders, AI is still a buzzword. There may be many business opportunities that may benefit from AI applications like machine learning but we can’t ignore the fact there is a hype for technologies like AI, machine learning (ML), Deep Learning, RPA, and the internet of things (IoT). Cutting through this hype and focusing on how these technologies complement your existing systems and business plan is critical in securing internal approvals. Getting executive buy-in on anything new and unknown can be challenging, but the potential repercussions of not adopting technologies like AI can be worse. As data leaders, you need to understand the potential impact as well as how to get executive buy-in as it is pivotal to the future of work.

Join our speaker Asha Saxena, CEO at Women Leaders in Data and AI [WLDA.TECH] and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, to discuss the best practices, frameworks, and how to build a strong business case for the executive buy-in for tangible ML applications.



Break 11:00AM - 11:30AM


Keynote: How to Create, Build, and Manage a High-Performance Analytics Team

Speaker: John K Thompson
Global Head, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, CSL Behring

Over the past decade, the speed at which data and analytics has been reshaping our lives is accelerating. Now, it is even more important for enterprises to build and implement analytics in an intelligent manner. One of the key ingredients to the success of data and analytics efforts is the team driving and informing the analytics process and resulting in transformational change. A salient question that has been asked is, "How does an enterprise build an effective analytics team?" In this session, we will walk through the process of succeeding in the analytics journey. We will examine the best approach to building a corporate analytics function and a high-performing analytics team. We will describe and discuss the Artisanal and Modular approaches to hiring and building a team. We will also examine how to evolve from the Artisanal and/or Modular model to a Hybrid model. We will examine how to manage a high-performing analytics team to deliver analytical models and applications that are implemented and used in daily operations to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Be ready to ask questions; this will be an interactive and open discussion.


The Promise of Data Fabric – Order from Chaos in Data Management

Speaker: Dave Wells
Consultant,Educator, Analyst

Data Management has become a messy business that is constantly challenged by ever-expanding data sprawl. A typical organization has data deployed in on-premises data centers and multiple cloud environments. They have data in flat files, tagged files, relational databases, and NoSQL databases, with processing that ranges from batch ETL to stream processing. The variety of tools, technologies, platforms, and data types makes it difficult to manage processing, access, security, integration, and reliable delivery of data to business-critical analytic applications. Data fabric brings the power of AI/ML and smart metadata to the processes and practices of Data Management, providing a consolidated Data Management platform for all of your data regardless of architectures and platforms. The fabric is a single platform to manage disparate data and divergent technologies deployed across multiple data centers, both cloud and on-premises. You will learn:
  • What is data fabric and why it is important
  • Why organizations need data fabric
  • How data fabric extends and complements existing Data Management practices
  • Functions and features of data fabric technologies


Graph Analytics Use Cases

Speaker: Rogayeh Tabrizi

CEO, Theory+Practice

Social networks impact a wide variety of decisions that individuals make every day: what to buy, which language to speak, what to study in university, and how much education to obtain. For example, social networks are also one of the central determinants of how information about jobs, services, innovations, news, and other opportunities diffuse in our societies. Because of the essential role that network structure plays in our social and economic lives, it is important to understand what kinds of social structures emerge in different situations and how they impact individual behaviors and outcomes. This presentation showcases several different examples of using network and graph analysis to understand the flow of information, capital, and labor as well as identifying the key players and products that will accelerate conversions and increase operational efficiency from financial, retail, and government sectors.

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